Service Level Agreement

As we’ve proudly mentioned numerous times, we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee to you. Our uptime is consistently high and we are proud of this, and so we are confident to set a high uptime guarantee.

Of course, in exceptional circumstances it may not always be possible to meet this uptime guarantee. Hence if in any calendar month our downtime is below 99.9%, you may request a refund via the below criteria.

You may contact our billing department within 7 days of the downtime and a credit will be issued based on your monthly hosting cost and the amount of downtime experienced:

  • Uptime below 99.9% but above 99.5%: 25% credit
  • Uptime below 99.5% but above 99.0%: 50% credit
  • Uptime below 99.0%: 100% credit

The downtime experienced will be rounded up – meaning (for example) if uptime is 99.5%, you would be eligile for a 50% credit instead of a 25%.

This SLA does not apply in the following circumstances:

  • ¬†Planned Maintenance (i.e. when customers are told beforehand that there will be downtime due to a maintenance)
  • Acts of Force Majeure
  • Interruption of service (for an individual customer) due to unpaid bills/invoices, violations of the Terms Of Service, etc.

We keep track of server uptime via a highly accurate third party monitoring tool which tracks server uptime from over a dozen Worldwide sources. We will use this internal data to determine the exact length of downtimes.