How to start a charity website: web hosting

Web hosting The previous post discussed the types of website to consider and the CMS software, WordPress that you will typically use to build your website. One important factor we…

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How to start a charity website: the tech

Get ready to beam up... Now you've planned out your charity, it's time to discuss the choices you'll have to make to start building that website. Depending on the features…

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How to start a charity website: the plan

The journey begins In this first post we'll have a look at what comes before starting a website. Your website is a means to easily share your ideas with the…

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How to start a charity website: overview

The beginning of something great Congratulations, today you've made an important choice. By deciding to build a website for your charity, you've opened up a new realm of possibilities. You'll…

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General Website Usability Tips

Usability is where you structure your layout and offer various features which ensure that a visitor can navigate and use your website efficiently and effectively. Quite simply, usability is ensuring…

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choosing domain name
Choosing your website’s domain name

Choosing your domain name (and equivalently your website’s name) can often be a difficult task. Coming up with a good name can be difficult enough, and this problem can then…

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