About ePotentia

Our Goal

We want to use our experience with technology to help improve your business.


Unleashing your potential

Advancements in technology provide us with untold opportunities to improve the performance of our businesses. At ePotentia we want to help you unleash this untapped potential by supporting you throughout your entire business workflow, be it production, distribution or sales.

What makes a team?

Our team consists of highly trained professionals. While each member is expected to have an expect background in IT services, many have additional high level capabilities. We pride ourselves in this versatility which enables us to respond not only to your technical needs, but to situate it in the context of your business.


Michael Sluydts, PhD.
Chief Executive Officer

Teaches machines, Sysadmin, quantumns
Plenty of room at the bottom

David Beck
Chief Security Officer

Protects servers,
Skeptical about privacy,
PHP everything, it's all in the database

Vinsent Sluydts, PhD.
Chief Data Officer

Makes things correlate,
fights malaria,
Helps you breathe,
Still unsure about Python

While our management team is focused on consulting and the planning of day to day operations, it is of course our experienced technical and support team which ensures your services keep running smoothly!

Our History

The beginning
January 2004

We became active in the web hosting and development industry for the first time as LotD Hosting.

September 2011

The concept of ePotentia is born and we begin our collection of ecommerce resources.

Going mobile
June 2013

Our development services are expanded into the ever-increasing market of mobile apps.

Sharing experience
October 2016

With the return of several senior members of our team it's time to share our knowledge directly, through consulting.