The importance of data to the modern enterprise can no longer be denied. As a results, it is becoming essential to have sufficient data expertise within your company. Workshops offer a prime way to introduce your employees to the wonders of data and the ideal tools for data analysis. Offerings range from introductory presentations on the importance of data to week-long workshops on advanced data techniques. Workshop content can be tuned to your field of application and upon request even to your in-house data sets. On-site workshops are available near Belgium or Florida. Further traveling can be arranged upon request. Webinars with interactive question answering sessions can also be arranged online.

Data basics

Data enters our lives and business in many ways, but we do not always consciously experience it. Introductory sessions are tuned to creating data awareness. What actions lead to the creation of useful data? How can the information in this data be extracted? Perhaps most importantly, what are the best practices to ensure data security? The content of a session can be customized upon request.  The technical level of each session can also be adapted to the target audience. Topics can be dealt with in a conceptual manner, but we can also focus on teaching the basics of data programming including introductory sessions on Python, R and bash.




A wide variety of statistical lessons can be provided at both beginner’s and advanced level. Sessions can be handled both from an applied or mathematical perspective.  Conceptual basics include the possible applications of statistics and best practices to approach a statistical project. Advanced modules may focus on more complex techniques and dig deeper into the best methods for specific applications. Our team has experience with a wide variety of data types, ranging from business to scientific applications. Some scientific specialties include clinical trials, environmental data, chemical and materials applications.

Machine learning

Similarly to our statistical offerings, we can provide a variety of machine learning modules. Beginner’s modules may handle the mentality of machine learning and a birds-eye overview of the available techniques. Advanced modules may dig deeper into the applications of the individual techniques, including case studies of your choosing. We provide training both for classical machine learning techniques including kernel methods, gaussian processes and decision tree-based methods, as well as state-of-the-art deep learning-based models.




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